Food Expo 2016 ANFAS Summary

Exhibition Profile
22nd Anfas Food Product, which is the biggest international food and beverage exhibition in Turkey, and where the Turkish food companies and more than 400 international participant companies from the 12 countries exhibit their products and services, was organized at Antalya Expo Center with the area of 35.000 m2 and with the attendance of 3.652 brands on February 25-28, 2015. The fair brought together its attendants with the total 47.400 professional visitors, 1.405 of which are foreign from 49 countries.
Food Expo
Food Product takes place as a hotly-anticipated event under the geography, to which it addresses. This event,which is the leader in respect of the food and gastronomy culture, is a platform, where the products are exhibited, and which presents the best practices and recent innovations of the relevant industry. The fact that the Food Product has the stable and experienced events, which are the extremely successful, and which have wide attendance, and which manufacture work, and which is combined in an organization in which the international purchasers participated, and which comes from the past, increases its value.